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Our Tempeh

With origins dating back to ancient Indonesia, Tempeh’s reputation as a superfood is a tale as old as time. All it takes is three simple ingredients. By combining soybeans, water and a live culture, a unique plant-based food is born.

Sal’s Tempeh is elevating this classic recipe for the modern market. We create original and artisanal variants with additions like chickpeas mixed with sunflower seeds and lupins with red quinoa, using also walnuts combined with the original soybeans for the creation of the Tempeh Burgers. For whatever dish on the menu, you will find a product that will make it exceptional and packed with nutrients.

Our wide range of products are easy on the gut and far more nutritious than other plant protein-based meals. The versatility of our Tempeh also makes it perfect for any culinary project or dish. The possibilities for delicious and eco-conscious recipes are endless with Sal’s Tempeh.


Introducing Sal's Tempeh

We are the only real alternative to animal products, better than the artificial plant-based meals. Sal’s Tempeh is a complete natural protein with zero cholesterol, high in vitamins, calcium, fiber and healthy enzymes, fermented and so easy to digest.


Why Sal's Tempeh

Simply made

Non-processed, GMO free and 100% Organic certified. No artificial anything.

Crafted with care

Every batch of Tempeh is monitored through the fermentation process and frozen at its peak to preserve the live cultures and to seal in the health-benefits.

A culinary chameleon

Our Tempeh can fit into any role for any recipe. This protein is versatile and can hold many different flavors and textures.

A plant-based protein for every diet

To build food products for a healthier tomorrow

To make cruelty-free dining the standard

To build sustainable and delicious food ingredients


Our products

Soy Tempeh

Chickpeas with Sunflowers Seeds Tempeh

Lupines with Red Quinoa Tempeh

Soy and Walnuts Tempeh Burger


Recipes are coming soon

I am hard to please when it comes to meat alternatives. I have tried them all. I have never been impressed. Sal’s Tempeh changed my mind. Unlike tofu-based products, Sal’s Tempeh has the ability to take on any flavor. I dare say I even like it more in my burgers than actual beef! I really think Tempeh is a gamechanger for plant-based meat alternatives. It’s that good.

Joao Teixeira, Porto

We love stocking it on our shelves! The product is an easy addition to our frozen section and has already accrued quite a fan base since we introduced it a couple years back. Of all our plant-based meat alternatives, Sal’s Tempeh is the one we have to restock most often. Customers love the burgers.

Miosotis Organic Supermarket, Lisbon

Sustainable cooking practices are a core value for my business. So is delivering a delicious culinary experience to my customers. This is easy to do with Sal’s Tempeh. I can rest easy knowing I am providing a gourmet meal while also taking care of the environment. We use Sal’s Tempeh for a whole range of menu items and our customers can’t get enough.

Comoba Restaurant, Lisbon

Since becoming vegan, I struggled with supplementing my diet with protein sources that I genuinely enjoyed. Then I found Sal’s Tempeh and it became my favourite. It is so versatile in its flavor and textures that integrating it into my diet was easy! I now eat it a couple of times a week and also I use it in my work as a Chef. Even my meat-eating friends and kids love it when I make it for them. It’s a treat for everyone!

Eunice Van Uden, Lisbon

Sal’s Tempeh is a great product as it's easy to store. The frozen products are well-loved by our clientele too. The process of ordering and stocking it leaves no room for frustration. It’s simple, it’s delicious, it’s a storekeeper’s dream product.

Alberto, Idealbio, Porto

Simply the best Tempeh out there! Sal’s Tempeh has helped us convert a lot of meat-alternative skeptics into veggie lovers. You don’t hear that a lot when it comes to run-of-the-mill blackbean or tofu burgers!

Lara, Eight Restaurant, Lisbon

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